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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Things

Whenever I find myself lamenting about how tough it is to balance my PhD-Self with my Triathlete-Self, I realize I have to take a step back and appreciate how truly lucky I am.

#1 Amazing, supportive husband! He cooks for me every.single.night and only occasionally  complains about my wheat-free, almost vegetarian diet :)

#2 No Time Clock, my schedule is flexible!! Those 60 hours of data analysis, lab work and thesis writing can squish like jello-brains around my training.

#3 No additional responsibilities (like kids, for example). Just this fuzzy-wuzzy nubbins that wants to spend every waking minute with me.

#4 My pool is a 2 minute walk from my office!

#5 And to go with that- the rats don't care what I look like! Goggle eyes? Wet hair? No problem!

#6 Michigan is actually a decent place to train (when the weather isn't below freezing, so, um, half the year :) ).  We have an amazing state and metropark system with relatively safe roads to ride on. The best open water swimming lake EVER is 20 minutes from our house. From my door, I can run almost 15 miles on all trails, ride my tri-bike for 80 miles while only stopping at 4 stop signs and 2 lights, or ride my cross bike on dirt country roads for unlimited miles with more tractor traffic than car traffic.

So yeah...stress can suck it- life is good :)


  1. Well done! How did you do your pix like that?? I love the Cody collage?

  2. I used an App on my iPhone called 'Pic Collage'. Super easy, and it was free!